The things you find on a small island in the Atlantic...

20, Sep, 2017

I am always amazed by the amount of treasure that washes up on the beaches around Scilly and the hidden treasure troves that exist in homes and buildings!

Yesterday a friend had posted a little collection of pictures of some dark, rusty, dusty items on social media that used to be exhibited at the old Longstone cafe and visitors centre. I got quite excited!

Now, I know I should have been instantly drawn to the old wooden barrel that is falling to bits and would look perfect in a brewery, I know that, but I wasn't! I instantly fell in love with an old mangle and raced up to The Longstone Lodge ( to pick it up! (Don't worry, I did get the barrel too!!)

It was like a proper wrecking mission, only on dry land rather than over rocks and sandy beaches!

So now we have an old mangle and an old barrel in the brewery, and aren't they beautiful?

Old mangle and wooden barrel in the brewery

Watch this space as I have plans for these wonderful finds!