New owner and first female brewer for Ales of Scilly

13, Mar, 2017

(Official press release) Ales of Scilly was set up on the beautiful Isles of Scilly in 2001 by Mark Praeger, a retired teacher from the islands with a passion for brewing.  Over the last couple of years Mark has been considering retiring (again!) and handing over the brewery to someone with as much passion and drive as he had when he started. “The brewery is my baby!  I wanted someone to take it on who would be able to continue its growth and popularity both locally and potentially into Cornwall and Devon.” Mark advertised the brewery locally and received a lot of interest from the community but was swayed by the enthusiasm and varied experience of Jen Trevithick. Jen, originally from Falmouth, Cornwall, took on the brewery early this year after spending a few months as Mark’s apprentice. “I have to admit, I had never brewed before I met Mark but I absolutely love the process - creating something from scratch for people to consume that is so natural and has so much history attached to it makes me proud.”

History of brewing
Some of the earliest records of brewing go back to 4300BC.  It was an exclusively female industry - even having a goddess of beer, Ninkasi.  Beer fashions have changed considerably over the years but there is currently a national rise in female brewers. (or brewsters to give them their traditional name) These ladies are being credited with assisting with the growth in the beer industry.
Scilly Events Calendar
Jen has a lot of plans for the brewery.  She will be supporting a lot of the events that are happening on the isles whilst supplying the bars, cafes, restaurants and shops on the 5 inhabited islands. “There is a massive drive to use local produce on the islands.  Organisers from a number of events have already approached me and are looking to support local businesses where possible.  I am looking forward to a full events calendar for this summer and in the future.” Having a background in marketing and events management, Jen has some plans for events for the brewery this space!