The latest addition to the brewery family...

24, Aug, 2017

I'm thinking of opening up the brewery as a unique sanctuary where you can see all the different styles of arachnids that Scilly has to offer.  We have quite a collection of the eight legged beasties and with autumn fast approaching, I'm sure there will be more. (If you are not a fan of these freaky (but apparently harmless) creatures, then do not read any further as this whole post is about them, there is no mention of beer (only that mention) so you are not missing anything!)

This isn't the first time in my life that I have had a spider collection. On the mainland I went through months every year of humanely removing very large house spiders from my bath every morning. I admit to sometimes having to do the "damsel in distress" and getting someone to get them out for me as they wouldn't fit in a pint glass.  There was one occasion that a friend removed a rather large specimen from my bath only to be replaced by a larger one the very next morning and I am pretty sure it had eaten the one that had previously been encouraged out of the window!

Let me introduce the latest addition to the brewery collection. Joining the rather beastly looking Doris, the false widow (yes, she really is and a big one at that!) and her clan of smaller versions of her that have taken up residence in the bug zapper (they aren't stupid!), the random orange one that keeps appearing around the place looking angry, not to mention the little black ones that are kind of cute and the fairy ones that get themselves into mischief all over the place (they always seem to be in the worse place possible and are not good swimmers.)

This new one is the size that begs the question - "where have you actually been hiding?" (similar to how I feel about wild deer...where do they hang out as you very rarely see them?!) I've taken the liberty of photographing this newbie, who has yet to be named (suggestions welcomed) and introduce him to you all:

So, with further ado: AoS fans - meet [insert name here] (standard breeze blocks in wall for scale!)

Large spider on the wall of the Ales of Scilly brewery

If you can think of a fitting name, please get in touch! He is part of the brewery family now - might put him to work moving some barrels...