Breaking news...The beer is gone!

11, Sep, 2020 heard right!

After an intense 2 month season which was sprung on us with little warning, we have only just been managing to keep up with the demand for local ales by brewing a different brew each week since the beginning of July, but you thirsty AOS supporters drank us dry this bank holiday weekend!

We bottled some Schiller on Monday after running out of our golden ale early August and already have some Association and Challenger brews in the fermenters which should be in bottles and ready to go on September 21st!

Minnehaha and Nancy fans will be pleased to hear that as soon as the fermenters are cleaned we will be brewing these again...something tells us that these will be popular whatever the season and occasion!

Poor T.W Lawson has had to have a rest this summer! We ran out of our porter right at the beginning of summer! We have been toying with the idea of tweaking the recipe slightly to make it a darker porter for the next brew so there will be a proper dark ale in our arsenal!

Our home delivery service has been well received. We have been leaving crates of beer in holiday accommodation, on beaches for yachts and inside sheds to name just a few of our hiding places!

It has been really nice to meet everyone even though we have not opened the brewery to the public this year. Thank you to everyone for supporting us this summer - it has definitely been one to remember for lots of reasons.

Right, enough chat...that beer isn't going to brew itself!!

The beer will be back - you can stop panicking now!