A long hot summer in the Scilly Brewery

25, Jul, 2018


Long time no speak...completely my fault and I must admit to indulging in the ease of Facebook and Instagram to share things rather than to write a nice Beer Blog to keep you all up to date with what is going on in the UK's most South Westerly brewery!

The winter was a cold one but the weather has more than redeemed itself since the snow in February and the Scilly has been spoiled with long hot sunny days with little wind and amazing sunsets! Although with the sunshine has come water shortages so we have been particularly vigilant and doing our best to conserve water at the brewery during this dry spell.

The brewery itself has been full on busy since the beginning of the season and we have just about been keeping up with orders for the islands whilst also getting out to enjoy the beautiful weather! (Even Brewery Dog has been embracing the water around Scilly and going swimming and kayaking at every opportunity!)

Terrier known as Brewery Dog on a blue Kayak

This season we have taken on 3 exclusive brews for local businesses. Juliet's Garden and Restaurant are now proud owners of their very own Garden Gold - a very drinkable IPA that is a perfect accompaniment to their amazing views and has been going down an absolute storm in the sunshine. Then over on the gorgeous St Martins, Karma Hotel and Spa now have two ales made exclusively for them; a dark and hoppy bottled "Whipped and Laid" with slight chocolatey maltyness and a summer pale ale on tap going by the name of the Sir Cloudseley Shovell soon to be available in bottles too!!

We still have a couple of new brews coming out for the autumn beer festivals including Falmouth and Newquay so watch out for us on the mainland too!